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Does Your Cadaverous Pallor Betray an Aura of FOREBODING?

27 October
Castle Kevorah is the online home of Deborah and Kevin M.

Kevin & Deb.
Technical support supervisor: paralegal/admin assistant/eBay entrepreneur.
Actor/stuntman: aspiring novelist.
Hobbs, NM: Los Angeles, CA.
Carlsbad Caverns: Pacific Ocean.
Liberal Republican: conservative Democrat.
Leprechaun: witch.
Green: black.
St. Patrick's Day: Hallowe'en.
Pisces: Scorpio.
Rockabilly: romantic!goth.
Honda Accord: Mini Cooper.
Devil's Will Shaftoe: Lady Deborah Neville.
James Montcalm: Mad Madigan Wyrmcleaver.
Incredible Hulk: Sandman.
Uncle Trouble: Aunt Chaos.
Robert Jordan: Tanith Lee.
Tom Clancy: Donna Tartt.
Computer gamer: rose fancier.
Faded jeans: little black dress.
Brocade waistcoat: Victorian corset.
Daffy Duck watch: black diamond earrings.
Tuxedo: flapper dress.
Irish whiskey: French calvados.
Port: champagne.
Cocoa: mint tea.
Tex-Mex: sushi.
Discerning palate: adventurous cook.
Morning lark: night owl.
Chris Issak: Delerium.
Squirrel Nut Zippers: Peter Murphy.
Lyle Lovett: Peter Gabriel.
Dragon magazine: Martha Stewart Hallowe'en issue.
Warhammer: Lego castles.
Masque of the Red Death: Blue Faery.

Whichever guise you know of, welcome to our LJ! This page is updated by both Kevin and Deborah as our adventures unfold. We're a happy mated pair of L.A. bohemian geeks (geeky bohemians?!) with a wide circle of fascinating friends and family members, married on August 10th, 2002, and can't wait to celebrate our seventh wedding anniversary.